Telling the Truth...To Myself

I made a decision that ended up changing everything. Rather than hide- which I desperately wanted to do – I began to tell the truth. The first person I had to stop lying to was me. This was quick, like ripping off a bandaid. I knew that if I had not stopped justifying my behaviors around money I was going to crash and burn. I confided in friends next, then family. I told them about my situation. I expected shock and horror, but to my surprise, I got empathy and support instead. I was amazed because I never asked for help. I had convinced myself I had it handled, and that alone I could fix it. Now, to be clear, you don’t ever have to tell your friends and family your deep and dark secrets about money. The important thing is to be honest with yourself. Period.

Once I began telling the truth and I took tangible actions to help myself, my life began to become my own once again. Very quickly.

Your situation may not be as extreme as mine was. But I implore you not to wait until your current habits bring you to the edge. Somewhere along the way – wherever you are - RIGHT NOW you can stop this train and get off. If you are not crystal clear about the role money plays in your life, and almost none of us are, you are headed for trouble.

Tell the truth and do so without any shame.

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