Secrets of a Balance Transfer Queen

For a good part of my adult life, I had been what I called "bad with money". I always had money coming in, but going out just as fast. I consistently made a good income, but quite surprisingly never had a single thing to show for it.

"Breaking even" was the theme of my 20’s. I started going into debt in my 30’s as I acquired more and spent more. I never really gave much (read:any) consideration to how I was going to pay for it all. As long as I could make minimum payments, it was all good.

Through a series of events this "plan" began to unravel. Some events were out of my control but many were completely within my control. (Part of the goal of working with me is to become as prepared as possible for the life events that happen without our authorization). The results were devastating.

It was time for a life-changing decision.

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