A Little Bit of Psychology, A Whole Lot of Practicality

My style is not about "attracting" wealth. Although I’m a big believer in manifesting your goals – that is not what I’m about. There is nothing intangible about what I do. It is a path to figuring out what you want from life and going out and getting it.

You may be living check to check because you have to. But, consider that you may be living check to check because you THINK you have to. Have you ever sat down and tracked where every single penny goes?

In some cases it is a true necessity to live this way. But more often than not, this exercise will produce 1 of 3 results:

1. You realize you are mindlessly spending money in places where it would be easy to change.

2. You decide that you are willing to make a major change, perhaps one that isn’t as easy in the short term; selling a house and renting, keeping your car for an extra year.

3. You take action to bring more money to the table. They make a conscious choice to make more money – by getting a different job, earning income from a hobby, working overtime, etc.

Sometimes it’s all three.

So, how do we do this? First, let me tell you a little bit about me, and I why I'm passionate about what I do.

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