Seeing Your Way Out of "The Money Fog"

Many of us live in what I like to call a "money fog". You spend all of your income, or all of your income plus some more that you borrow. It’s usually just a habit. We easily become unconscious of the fact that we have allowed circumstances to dictate to us how we spend our money. But once we become conscious about our money we begin to see and enjoy (yes, I said enjoy) choosing better places to put it.

This is not about deprivation. I don’t tell my clients what they can and cannot have. I don’t have to. After working with me the clarity that they gain around their money allows them to make their own choices. Sometimes you are going to choose to put your money on some Prada shoes. Sometimes you are going to choose to put your money in a retirement account. And sometimes you are going to choose to put your money on a hospital bill, a home repair or something else you simply didn’t plan for.

Knowing that you have the power to make these choices will change your life.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But Financial POWER can.

Improving your personal finances, gaining control over where your money goes, has a dramatic impact on the rest of your life. How? Money flows in and out of our lives – it is a tangible manifestation of energy. When you control that flow you become powerful. When you plan where your money will go, rather than react in the moment, your priorities become exceptionally clear.

When it comes to your money, clarity is power.

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