Here’s How the Process Works

We begin with a free half hour phone session. Here we can get to know each other a bit and see if this is a fit. I’m not right for everyone and not everyone is right for me.

Then, we get busy. First, I think it’s important to tell you that I am not selling any products. I don’t have an e-book to sell, or tapes, webinars or monthly subscriptions. Rather, I work with my clients one-on-one, and charge them for each session we work together. That’s all. No long term commitments or up-selling once I have you on the phone. (There is a software program that I use with some of my clients but that is purchased by me on your behalf with your first session.)

Once we start working together we will begin to look at your financial situation in great detail. Soon you will know exactly how much you have in the bank, exactly what your monthly expenses are (these are almost always higher than you think), and exactly how much you may owe, if anything.

That is when the fog begins to clear.

Most of my clients express huge relief and gratitude that they are now extremely clear on where they are financially. Once we have a clear picture we work together to figure out a plan to improve what needs improving and strengthen what is already working.

Some people can begin to get a handle on things in just a few sessions. Others prefer to keep going because they need the consistent nudge. Think of it like having a Personal Trainer. Some people can go to one for a few months, learn the ropes and then move ahead on their own. Others need to have their trainers for life because without them they would never go to the gym. Every person, every situation, and every plan is different.

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