"Lisa Gould was the aspirin to my paper bill headache. She helped me PRIORITIZE, and gave me the freedom to create a working financial plan based on any income. In my business, my income fluctuates and I never thought it made sense to make a budget when one month differs so much from the next. But Lisa gave me a program that works for my lifestyle, which I never thought was possible. Now I have the confidence to open the bills I would normally ignore because I finally know what to do with them.  Lisa has reminded me that I'm not defined by my debt. I am forever grateful." –Non-Profit CEO


"Lisa immediately made me feel supported and excited with regard to my finances, introducing me to hip and fun tools I'd never heard of, and a calm, peaceful, and rational approach to building wealth. She's fantastic!" -–Writer


"I call Lisa Gould my warrior money coach! I'm in the midst of a pretty difficult situation financially and not only does she provide a very safe place where I can let it all go without feeling any shame, she gives me great advice and strategic help on getting through the muck. I'm already starting to see the end of the tunnel thanks to Lisa." –Writer and Entrepreneur


"When I first met Lisa, I was in the midst of major life change. After 13 years, my husband and I mutually decided to complete our marriage, sell our lovely home, and move into separate residences while initiating an amicable divorce. We also mutually agreed to a 50/50 split of assets, with no alimony.

As it related to selling the house and clearing all debt, we knew what outcome we desired, but were a little confused about the best methods for optimizing our results. Along came Lisa. Lisa began working with us, went over all of our actuals, plans, and projections, showed us options and ways to be creative, and introduced us to her money management tools and software. All the while, radiating a sense of genuine understanding and compassion for the sensitive nature of our change, and at the same time, “holding” for us with a sense of great strength, informed power, and assuring certainty. We felt like we were in very good hands with Lisa, and were able to move into a place of financial empowerment and renewed optimism. Most important, we achieved our goals with optimum results.

Since selling our home, moving into my own place, and supporting myself with my own business, I have continued working with Lisa as my financial coach, and have made a regular practice of using her recommended tools and software, which are life saving as well. She continues to support me, inspire me, encourage me, educate me, and guide me as I build my new, thriving financial empire. I know for a fact that I would not be where I am now, which is in the “financial green and growing zone” had it not been for Lisa Gould. That’s how Lisa saved my life." –International Life Coach, Author, Speaker

Note: In the interest of complete confidentiality I never publish any identifying information of my clients.